Jessica Hausler, PA
Aesthetic Injector
Kimberly Thomas, LE
Jacob Kobilca
Director of Social Media
Emily Edmunds
Aesthetics Associate


Jamiless Sosa

Aesthetics Associate and Social Media

Rashida Murray

Aesthetics Nurse


Office Mascot

Opened in late 2020, The Center for Aesthetics of Latham, NY is a medical spa that has been years in the making. Jessica Hausler, PA-C has been working with dermatology patients for over 12 years and has been treating many dermatological conditions at the Center for Family Practice. She has true passion for the skin and treating its various ailments. With the help of her husband and colleague, Ted Hausler, DO, she was able to create a space for healing. Patients and clients with various skin complaints are greeted warmly into our facility with the goal of achieving a clear complexion. Our mission is to make you feel great in your skin.

Our first step is meeting with our clients for a free consult with Jessica Hausler, PA-C or our aesthetician Kimberly Thomas , to give them a personalized roadmap of how to achieve their skin goals. With peels, microneedling, botox and dermal fillers, we are able to reduce the effects of sun damage and wrinkles. We also have the Hydrafacial device which helps to reduce acne lesions and to clear the redness of rosacea and dark spots from sun damage. We even offer waxing services and dermaplaning to help heal and resurface the skin. Our lead aesthetician Kimberly Thomas has a vast knowledge of aesthetic dermatology and incredible talents in cosmetics. Together we want to help our clients achieve healthy, glowing skin and to leave our office with confidence!

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Center for Aesthetics No Show Policy

  • Patients MUST put a credit card on hold at the time
    of booking any cosmetic/aesthetic appointment.
  • There will be a $100 inconvenience fee for any filler or Botox/dysport treatment.
  • If the client No-shows an aesthetician appointment, they will be charged an inconvenience fee for the entire cost of the treatment that they missed.
  • Consultation no shows will result in a $25 fee
  • Same Day Cancellation Fee will be enforced