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A medical spa combines a relaxing spa experience with the professionalism of a medical practice. At the Center for Aesthetics in Latham, New York, Jessica Hausler, PA, and her team can transform your skin or overall appearance with peels, facials, and cosmetic injectables. Contact The Center for Aesthetics by phone or online for a medical spa service consultation today. Our medical spa specialist would be happy to answer any questions you might have.

Medical Spa Q & A

What is a medical spa?

A medical spa shares similarities with a typical spa, which offers relaxing treatments and services that often benefit your skin in some way. The main difference between a traditional spa and a medical spa is that all medical services have a physician's supervision.

The skilled team at The Center for Aesthetics uses their medical expertise to safely deliver exceptional results for your skin. They consider your skin's health before offering treatment and can help you explore different options according to your goals.

Beyond skin care, medical spas like The Center for Aesthetics offer high-end aesthetic treatments that can only safely be completed under a physician's supervision. The team guarantees outstanding results and safe procedures with few or no side effects.

Which services does the medical spa offer?

The medical spa at The Center for Aesthetics offers a carefully curated selection of safe and effective services, many of which are soothing and relaxing experiences. You can access high-end treatments like:


The HydraFacial is a customizable skin care treatment involving cleansing, extractions, exfoliation, and hydration. This treatment works well for any skin type, even if your skin is particularly sensitive to other products and processes.


Also customizable, a standard facial may include cleansing, steaming, extractions, exfoliation, and hydration. The team plans your relaxing facial according to your skin type and skin health.


The Center for Aesthetics offers Glytone chemical peels for intense exfoliation and cell turnover. They effectively minimize features like pores, scars, and fine lines.


Waxing is a hair removal service. Unlike shaving, waxing pulls the hair shaft and its follicle out at once. This means you can enjoy smooth, hairless skin in targeted areas for up to seven weeks.


Injectable cosmetic treatments like Botox® for fine lines or dermal fillers for large wrinkles and volume loss are available at The Center for Aesthetics.

How should I prepare for a visit to the medical spa?

Preparing for your visit to the medical spa at The Center for Aesthetics is quite simple, but the steps might vary depending on the type and intensity of your treatment.

You'll start with a consultation with one of the providers, where you'll discuss your goals and find out which treatments will work best for you.

Your provider might tell you to stop taking certain medications or using certain products on your skin leading up to your treatment, or to avoid sun exposure. If you're coming in for a wax, you should let the hair grow to about a half-inch before your arrival.

For more information about any available medical spa service, book an appointment by phone or online at The Center for Aesthetics today.